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M: Guess who’s back~ Back again! Guess who’s bac— //shot deadHUEHey guys!! As I said i’m back and ready for action so is Kyubey~K: …. Not really, Kyubey doesn’t want to do this anymor—M: Well too bad!K: ….M: Anyways I’m going to clean up my inbox and start all over again (may reply to some old asks)! So ya, feel free to drop by a question or something.K: Yes or something …M: I apologize for the long long hiatus, but I’m quite happy and excited to be back! Welp~ See ya guys!

M: Guess who’s back~ Back again! Guess who’s bac— //shot dead
Hey guys!! As I said i’m back and ready for action so is Kyubey~
K: …. Not really, Kyubey doesn’t want to do this anymor—
M: Well too bad!
K: ….
M: Anyways I’m going to clean up my inbox and start all over again (may reply to some old asks)! So ya, feel free to drop by a question or something.
K: Yes or something …
M: I apologize for the long long hiatus, but I’m quite happy and excited to be back! Welp~ See ya guys!

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Prescott suddenly felt anxious and looked at the Witch seed as if it were an unstable grenade. It didn’t exactly look safe to begin with. The seed had a single barb pointing out below it that looked very sharp.

‘That would explain why it’s called a seed,’ Prescott thought as he placed  the black pod in front of the small creature.

✂ — { With a sudden ease of movements the Alien used it’s nose to lift up the seed, throwing it into the air and seconds before it coming down on it’s back the circle symbol popped open like a latch swallowing the egg whole. As soon as it landed inside the cover closed back into place, and Kyubey shook about like a cat or dog removing the water from it’s body.

✂ — {Well, now that you have had a taste of what your new job is like, do tell Kyubey your thoughts." He asked curiously looking up at the male. Saying no word of his previous actions.

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image Any wish. He could wish that this country was safe and always well. He could wish that those that served him would always be safe and well. He could bring back those that had been lost, without memory of him so they could live their lives as they always should have been able to. Only one of these could be wished for. Only one could happen… Obviously there was only one right answer. The one that would benefit the most and in turn his subordinates would be fine. The lost would have to remain lost. The dead shouldn’t be brought back to life, after all. He knew this well. 

“Very well.” he tipped his hat to the white creature. “I accept this contract of yours. It seems fair enough.”  


✂ — { The creature nodded in silence as he listened to the male speak while tipping his hat. “Very well, since you’re knowledge of what it is you need to do and such then Kyubey is ready to hear your wish. From there the contract will be complete." A short pause as the Incubator tilted his head, staring straight into the male’s eyes, "So, what is your wish?

First Dates are usually the most important (@incubatorofsouls, closed rp)



Boy was Izaya nervous…yeah nervous since this was a first date between him and his new lover. It had been a while since he had spent anytime with one given person, intimately for sometime. Granted he doubted it would go that way but still he had every right to be nervous.

So yeah…standing out in Ikebukoru’s West Park, waiting for his albino lover of a Soul Incubator to show up was a bit nerve-wracking. He wouldn’t show it on the outside but on the inside he had NO IDEA where they should go or what they should go and do.

Oh well all he could do was wait. And he did, occasionally checking his phone for messages from his secretary or clients.

✂ — { It was quite an amusing sight for the Incubator, to see the young and intelligent Informant of Ikebukoru, standing there anxiously, nearly twitching with nervous as he awaited his arrival. Now he wasn’t entirely twitchy, per say, on the outside, but Kyubey knew well— Ah, and as much as Kyubey would have loved to prolong the male’s wait and continue watching him, the albino knew it was about time to hope over to his side.

✂ — { The small white creature bounded off the branches of a nearby tree, and before his feet were allowed to touch ground the body morphed into a more humane appearance. With a sigh he patted away any and all leaves that clung to his body and clothing as he made his way to Izaya.

✂ — { Upon reaching a hearing distance to the blackette’s Kyubey chuckled with a teasing grin and shrug, “Now surely that phone isn’t more important than Kyubey?” The albino teased, before inching closer and planting a kiss the male’s forehead. “Sorry Kyubey is late, did he keep you waiting?" He chuckled while shoving his hands into his pockets.

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{♫} “What are you?” Miku asked the cat fox thing lifting it up by its tail.


✂ — { The creature looked up at the young girl curiously, though made no struggle as he was suddenly picked up by his tail. “Kyubey is what some Humans call a ‘Messenger of Magic.’” He replied evenly.



✿⊱She looks over the being who’s splayed himself over the bench. Violet hues blink puzzled at him as she debates just what he is. The Goddess plays with a small bunch of flowers in her hands as she wonders if she should speak to him or continue on to her realm. She decides on the former. “You’re not of this world are you?”

✂ — { At the sudden light toned voice that echoed in the Albino’s head, Kyubey turned to face a woman with long hair and a pair of lovely violet hues. Her words had not phased him at all, instead he looked her over and sighed, stretching a bit as he did. “Not from this world…" He repeated evenly closing his eyes, "You are correct, Kyubey isn’t from this world." There didn’t seem to be any point to the male in denying this fact.

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"A yes, it is a curse how did you…?" Allen bent down to Kyubey’s eye level curiously. She still found the creature odd.

✂ — { The Incubator chuckled lightly, “Kyubey can smell it, it has a heavy dark scent to it. It’s not something a normal human would carry on them." He replied with an matter-of-fact tone.

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